A good Samaritan with a boat in Miami Gardens, Florida, helped get the pooch to safety

By Amy Jamieson
April 28, 2017 03:34 PM

Boston made it back home safe, thanks to people who went the extra mile to help him.

Somehow the blind pooch ended up in a lake in Miami Gardens, Florida, according to 10 News, which reported the story, and later made his way to shore where a rescuer with a rowboat helped retrieve him.

The station said the caper started with a call placed to authorities about a dog spotted swimming in the lake.

“He seemed like he was out there a while, he seemed like he was very tired,” one rescuer told the station after Boston was brought to safety.

Word that the pup had been found spread via 10 News, and the women who were dog-sitting the pooch saw him on TV.

“We were babysitting, never again I guess,” said Barbara Terry, who was caring for Boston for her brother, who was out of town. “I think we lost our jobs.”