Opal the Australian shepherd has no trouble navigating the world with her nose


The nose knows, especially when it comes to the people you love.

Opal is a 7-month-old Australian shepherd who was born blind and deaf, reports 12 News. She was recently adopted by Forrest and Christine Hutchings Bray from the The Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho, and brought back to their home in Spokane, Washington.

Some may think a deaf and blind dog would have some trouble navigating the world, but as this clip shows, Opal has no problem playing in the yard and finding the people who love her.

Before Forrest is even in the frame, Opal can smell her owner coming and starts excitedly jumping at the chance to be with her dad.

“She just wants pets, walks and treats like other dogs. We are working on touch training her. A few taps on the rear and she sits, and a tap on her shoulders and she lays down,” Forrest told the NBC affiliate about Opal’s future plans.