The pregnant actress posted a throwback photo of her swim with great white sharks

By Maya Anderman
June 17, 2016 09:53 PM
Columbia Pictures

While we haven’t seen much of Ryan Reynolds or daughter James on Blake Lively’s Instagram, we have seen quite a lot of #SaveAShark love. In preparation for her upcoming film The Shallows, Lively has taken to Instagram to promote her new movie and the protection of sharks everywhere.  

On Friday, the pregnant actress, 28, posted a flashback photo of herself prepping to take the plunge with “3 majestic white sharks” in 2011. The second part of the throwback contains a less comical and “better” picture of one of her shark swimming partners in motion.

Over the past few months, Lively has been Instagramming shark related pictures in anticipation of The Shallows June 24 premiere, while occasionally making fun of herself as well (like this one shot of a little Blake Lively pretending to be Disney princess The Little Mermaid).

She has also used the shark-infested flick to call attention to the environment and the importance of protecting these animals, specifically against shark finning and ocean pollution. 

The Shallows hits theaters June 24, and until then Blake Lively fans can probably expect to see plenty more #sharkappreciation posts.