The black cat appeared on the field while the New York Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys on their home field

cat on football field
Credit: NY Giants/Twitter

The NFL experienced a bit of a cat-astrophe during Monday Night Football!

Towards the end of the game’s second quarter on Monday evening, a black cat ran onto MetLife Stadium’s field as the New York Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys, putting a halt to the action.

The furry feline was seen casually trotting down the field towards one of the endzones before temporarily pausing near the two-yard line. The cat’s pace quickly picked up to a sprint when several state troopers came running on the field in an attempt to catch the unexpected visitor.

Field officials tried to corner the cat and catch him, but the black feline was not having any of it and quickly jumped up into the crowd, sending fans into a panic.

The cat then ran back down onto the perimeter of the field before he made his dramatic exit through one of the tunnels, successfully avoiding capture.

cat on football field
The cat on the field
| Credit: NY Giants/Twitter

As this was happening, fans and players alike watched on — some in amusement, others in confusion. Sportscasters also couldn’t help but commentate the exciting action, with one Twitter user capturing Kevin Harlan’s Westwood One radio call of the incident.

“He’s walking to the three, he’s at the two… and the cat runs into the endzone!” Harlan can be heard saying in the clip as the crowd excitedly cheered for the feline’s accomplishment. “That is a touchdown! The cat is elusive!”

“There are state troopers all around this cat, which now climbs up into the stands and fans are running for their lives,” Harlan comically goes on. “Now it goes back on the field again, it’s running in the back of the endzone. And it runs out the tunnel.”

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Other commentators joked that the cat a bad sign for anyone who is superstitious and as the cat ran around the state troopers, they said through laughter “Whose got cat corralling skills in them?”

The Giants also poked fun at the incident, writing on Twitter alongside a video of the cat on the field, “Halloween isn’t over yet!”

Once the feline left the field, the game resumed as normal. It is currently unclear if authorities have captured the cat.