Black Bear Steals Amazon Package from Connecticut Porch in Hilarious Surveillance Video

"It was hysterical," said Kristin Levine after posting surveillance footage of a black bear stealing an Amazon package off the porch of her Connecticut home

A curious bear in Connecticut has become one of the internet's most adorable porch pirates.

Kristin Levine posted a surveillance video Monday to Facebook of a black bear moseying across her driveway with her Amazon package in his mouth. "This guy just took my package! You think @amazon gives replacements for bear thieves?!?" Levine wrote with the clip.

"Amazon had dropped off the packages maybe five minutes before, and I got the alert on my security camera, and then I got a second alert five minutes later, and I was like taken aback because I wasn't expecting anyone else in my driveway," Levine recounted to NBC Connecticut of catching the bear mid-theft.

Levine told that outlet that the package the bear pilfered (which contained toilet paper) was found in a neighbor's yard. "It was hysterical, like I said. I knew nothing in there was going to be irreplaceable, so it was a fun afternoon for sure," she added.

The forest-dwelling culprit's ears were tagged, meaning the bear has previously come in contact with state wildlife officials, who are monitoring its movements. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) notes that bear sightings, even in heavily populated residential areas, have been on the rise in recent years as the bear population continues to grow.

DEEP advises Connecticut residents to remove bird feeders and bird food from outside areas during late March through November and not keep pet food outside overnight. In addition to cleaning and storing grills in a garage or shed when not in use (although propane tanks should remain outside), garbage cans should also go in a garage or shed with added ammonia to make the trash unpalatable. They also urge people not to approach or feed bears, as that creates "problem" bears who will become accustomed to finding food near residences.

Anyone in Connecticut who spots a bear in a populated area should call DEEP Dispatch's 24-hour hotline at 860-424-3333.

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