"We're not sure what prompted this unscheduled acapella concert...," Yosemite National Park tweeted along with a video of the bear vocalizing

The need to speak became unbearable for one of Yosemite National Park's animal residents.

According to the park's Twitter account, a male black bear recently climbed a tree at Yosemite and start vocalizing. The critter's shouts were captured on video and posted to Twitter, where the clip has received over 20,000 views. In the video, viewers can see the bear sitting high up in a tree, turning his head to shout in different directions.

"Check out this video of an adult male black bear vocalizing in a tree! Bears can produce a wide repertoire of sounds, typically when defensive, afraid, distressed, or aggressive. We're not sure what prompted this unscheduled a capella concert...," Yosemite wrote with the tweet.

Lynn Rogers, a bear expert who spoke to the Los Angeles Times, told the outlet that the bear in the clip sounds like "It’s almost whining." Rogers added the vocalizations in the video sound anxious: "Nothing in that is explosive."

The Los Angeles Times also reported that the shouting bear, according to park officials, is fairly active around the park and appears to be healthy.

On their website, Yosemite offers visitors tips on what to do if they encounter this or any other bear at the park.

Bear singing

"Visitors who encounter a bear should keep their distance for safety and respect for themselves and the animal. If visitors see a black bear in undeveloped areas, they should remain at least 50 yards from it," the website advises. "If they encounter a bear in developed areas, they should stand their ground and scare the bear away by raising their arms and making very loud noises."