May 10, 2017 09:18 AM

As summer approaches, people — and animals — are finding creative ways to cool down.

One example? A black bear in Bradbury, California, who got into a residential backyard pool Tuesday and enjoyed a few minutes of a refreshing swim.

In a video from Sky5 shown on KTLA 5, the bear can be seen exiting the pool area after his dip by climbing over its screened-in enclosure.

KTLA reports that it was trash day in the neighborhood and that the bear had a red tag on his ear, signaling that “wildlife officials know [the bear has] come this close to people before.”

Twenty minutes later, the curious mammal wandered onto a property where a guard dog was on duty and promptly chased the intruder away from the house.

The dog in question, named Ba Bao, was “the hero” of the incident, according to his owner Eddie Hsu.

“He’s my hero today,” Bradbury resident Hsu told KTLA, adding that it’s a “very frightening” situation considering his two young children are usually playing outside in the afternoon.


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Resident Mike Tavakkoli told KTLA that the same bear had wandered into his garage and taken the contents of his fridge, knocking items in the space around as it foraged.

“They went into the refrigerator and ate all the food and made a mess out of the garage,” Tavakkoli said.

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