Hungry Black Bear Breaks Into Canadian Home Looking for Boxes of Pizza Left Near the Door

"Don't leave garbage out in Canada," the homeowner, Sean Atkinson, warned

They were just looking for a slice!

On Monday, a black bear broke into a home in Ontario, Canada, after sniffing out some empty pizza boxes left near the front door.

Footage of the break-in was captured by homeowner Sean Atkinson's Ring security camera, and shows the bear opening the front door and ripping through the empty pizza boxes.

"Don't leave garbage out in Canada," Atkinson warned, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Luckily no one appeared to be near the door when the wild animal decided to make its way into the residence.

After realizing the boxes were empty the bear proceeded to inspect the whole room, making sure to sniff every corner for any scraps of food that may have been left behind.

When their mission proved unsuccessful, the bear made their way back to the front door, fumbling to open it before finally running back outside.

Black Bear breaks into house for pizza

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According to reports, bears are said to have an extremely powerful sense of smell. The National Park Service estimates that a black bear's sense of smell is about seven times greater than that of a bloodhound's.

Earlier this year, two women vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, were greeted by four black bears looking to steal some snacks.

Michelle Eberhart was hanging out with a friend in a mountain cabin in May when one of the bears managed to open a locked door and make its way inside, according to CNN.

Eberhart told ABC affiliate WATE that the bears got away with "5 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a pound of M&M’s and two pounds of Sour Patch Kids and two bags of potato chips."

She also said that the bears took "two beers and two Diet Cokes," as well as some of her allergy medicine.

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