Dolvett Quince shows some fun, calorie-burning moves you and your dog can master together

By Kate Hogan
Updated August 03, 2013 04:30 PM

Hear that? The wild panting and excited yips? Hey, get your mind out of the gutter – it’s your dog, longing to get outside and play!

If you’ve been spending the summer indoors, hitting the couch instead of the gym after work, it probably means your dog isn’t getting the exercise he or she craves. But according to Biggest Loser trainer (and former dog owner) Dolvett Quince, there are easy workouts the two of you can do together, keeping each other motivated while burning calories in the process.

“I’ve had a few celebrity clients that enjoy working out with their dogs, which is one of the reasons I’m [doing this],” Quince tells PEOPLEPets. “It motivated me to see clients moving with their animals.”

In the clip above, Quince, who’s partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to create these pet-friendly workouts, suggests easy ways to amp up basic morning jogs. But his workouts go beyond brief runs.

“Your basic plank would be just you,” he explains. “So instead, have your dog on your back during your plank. Even doing something like a push-up with your dog on your back is a cool way to incorporate him into your workout.”

Quince also suggests trying a game of “plank fetch,” working your abs and core as you hold the plank position, toss a toy to your dog and continue to hold the position until your pup returns his toy.

Shuttle runs are another Quince favorite: Pick three points that you and your dog will run toward, then play a game of chase, leading your pooch to the first marker and back, then the second, and finally the third.

For more from Quince, check out the clip above, and visit for a complete human/dog workout tutorial (there are toning lunges, too!). If you two get moving now, we guarantee your pooch won’t end up looking like this by December.