Big Contender! Great Dane Could Nab Title of World's Tallest Dog

4-year-old Titan measures in at 42.375 inches tall

When world’s tallest dog Gibson lost his battle with cancer on Aug. 7, he left his Guinness World Record up for grabs. Though he’ll never be forgotten, another dog will soon take on the title of world’s tallest – and that lucky pooch just may be Titan, a Great Dane living in San Diego with owner Diana Taylor.

The 4-year-old Titan was measured at a local dog day spa on Saturday and reportedly stands at 42.375 in. tall (compared to Gibson’s 42.2 in.). But he’s not just special because of his height. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Taylor adopted the dog in May 2005 from a Great Dane rescue in Tennessee. By the time he was 3 months old, he weighed 55 lbs. – about twice what most Danes weigh at that age. Over time, Titan developed spinal issues requiring orthopedic treatment and acupuncture, and also suffers from epilepsy, in addition to being deaf and partly blind. But that hasn’t stopped him from being the loving pup Taylor always hoped for.

Also mom to German shepherd Diego and Great Dane Ari – who is 38 in. tall himself – Taylor, 49, has big dreams for Titan and rescue dogs everywhere, and is hoping to use this newfound fame to help those in need. “We’ve got a lot of good things coming down the pike if we can make it happen,” she tells the Union-Tribune.

Taylor and Titan should find out within the next one to two months if they’ve captured the title. We’re keeping our fingers (and paws!) crossed!

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