The actress and her sons ring in their hairless kitty’s 8th birthday with a cherry treat from 7-Eleven

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 07, 2011 01:00 PM

Every year on July 11, actress Mayim Bialik and her family toast their hairless feline, Esau, with something sweet – and slushy!

“His birthday is 7/11, and the 7-Eleven stores give out free slurpees on that day,” says the Big Bang Theory star, who is mom to sons Miles, 5, and Frederick, 3. “So that’s how we celebrate Esau’s birthday. We were joking [with the kids] that we didn’t give it to Esau, though. [Slurpees] are not for cats.”

The 8-year-old peterbald kitty, whom Bialik describes as her “special son,” has a unique personality to go along with his striking appearance.

“He is part baby, part monkey and part cat,” she says. “He will jump from the ground into your arms. He’s very affectionate. He’s always in a blanket or wants to be in someone’s arms because he’s chilly without fur.” PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Secret Cat Ladies!

Despite being a devout cat person, Bialik is stepping out of her comfort zone this month and playing a dog in the new straight-to-DVD movie The Dog Who Saved Halloween, which comes out on Sept. 13. She voices a villainous drooling pooch named Medusa, who barks at lovable canine star Zeus (played by her former Blossom cast mate, Joey Lawrence). It was a fun turn for Bialik, who did a lot of growling and sniffing in the studio.

“I’m not known for my dog special effects,” she says, “but I might be from here on out.”

Just don’t tell Esau or his feline buddy, Frances, 2, that Mom’s been pretending to be their archenemy. “I think it might be cause for a lot of problems,” she jokes.

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