Posana believes that dogs deserve a little flair with their food too

Credit: Courtesy Posana Restaurant

Dinner is going to the dogs in Asheville, North Carolina. Literally.

Posana Restaurant, renowned for providing scrumptious food made from local and sustainable resources from the North Carolina mountain region, is bringing its cuisine to canines.

Known as a dog-friendly restaurant, with a patio that is open to all patrons dining with pooches, Posana has decided to extend this service by offering dogs their own menu.

Starting this spring, Posana will provide visiting pooches with a meal catered to their palates. The menu will include Ashley Farms grilled chicken breast with grains, Brasstown Doggie Beefloaf, and Bacon Soy Doggie Ice Cream treats. Each delicacy is local, farm-to-table and made-in-house, resulting in meals that are healthy and tasty for pups.

And if the dogs don’t finish it all (doubtful!), they can always take the rest home in a doggy bag.

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