Frankel's 17-year-old dog Cookie passed away on Monday
Credit: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel is mourning her beloved dog Cookie, who died Monday at age 17.

“She had a beautiful life,” the Real Housewives of New York City star, 46, said during Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Detailing Cookie’s “torturous ending,” Frankel said her longtime companion had a life-threatening 45-minute seizure at her Hamptons home on Saturday.

“She had a very, very long seizure … it was a brutal weekend. It was not pleasant,” the Shark Tank guest panelist told host Andy Cohen. “She lived a really long and amazing life.”

Concluding, “Everyone said [Cookie]’s at the rainbow bridge. I don’t know where that is but I want to go.”

Credit: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Though Cookie survived the seizure and was eventually brought to the hospital on Saturday, her health continued to decline during the weekend. By Monday morning, Frankel tweeted that the dog’s condition had worsened. Sadly, just hours later, the mother of one confirmed to fans and followers that Cookie had passed away.

Cookie, who was born in August 2000, has been by Frankel’s side since she bought her at a mutt puppy store in Chicago.

“She was brown and the rest of the litter was white, so she was the last, unwanted ugly duckling,” Frankel told PEOPLE in August 2016. “She was 75 bucks and they said I could return her the next day if I wanted to.”

“She was so cute and looked like a chocolate chip cookie. It was love at first snuggle,” Frankel continued, saying that Cookie loves “belly rubs and staying in bed all day.”

In October 2016, Frankel adopted two Lhasa Apsos brothers named Biggie and Smallz.