The Best New Pet Products of 2022 Picked Out By the Cats and Dogs of PEOPLE

PEOPLE staffers enlisted their pets as testers to find the best new toys, treats, beds, and accessories for cats and dogs

Pet Product Awards 2022
Photo: Courtesy Rachel DeSantis, Courtesy Amanda Retotar
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Best Dog Bed

DOg testers Courtesy Stephanie Petit
Courtesy Stephanie Petit

After testing dozens of products across 11 categories, the cats and dogs of PEOPLE staffers picked their favorite new pet products. Read on to see what won the 2022 PEOPLE Pet Product Awards and to get expert tips on how to help your furry friend play more.

"Stylish" and "easy to wash." this bolstered bed impressed pet parents with its lightweight, supportive structure that dogs liked "snuggling" in.

Buy it! Newton Baby's Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed, $129.99 and up;

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Best Cat Bed

Catit_Fluffy Bed_silo

Cats "jumped in and curled up" on this "giant cloud" of a bed as soon as owners set it down.

Buy it! Catit's Fluffy Cat Bed, $39.99;

Expert tip: Don't fret if your pet doesn't take to a new product or toy instantly. "That's totally normal," Dr. Annie Valuska, a principal pet behavior scientist at Purina, says. "Many pets need multiple exposures to something before they begin to like it."

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Best Dog Toy Under $10

Best New Dog Toy Under $10 Frisco Brunch Egg in Hole 2-in-1 Toy —

Curious dogs enjoyed exploring this "well-made" plush toy, which breaks apart into two "cute" squeaker-filled playthings.

Buy it! Frisco's Brunch Egg in Hole Dog Toy, $8.98;

Expert tip: Watch your dog's body language for signs they want to play with you. "A dog might paw you to solicit attention, or your dog might start bouncing around and maybe even bring you a toy," Carley Faughn, Ph.D., CAAB, a senior strategist with Best Friends Animal Society, says of signals to look for.

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Best Durable Dog Toy

Best New Durable Dog Toy Bark Pully —

Dogs — especially large ones — were "obsessed" with this sturdy rubber toy that "holds up" to heavy chewing.

Buy it! BARK's Pully, $15 and up; and

Expert tip: Discover your dog's preferred play style by involving them in different activities. "See if your dog likes to play fetch; some dogs really like to play tug. Try taking your dog for hikes and longer walks around the neighborhood," Faughn says.

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Best Overall Dog Toy

Zippy Paws Food Burrow
Zippy Paws

Owners said this "unique" hide-and-seek plaything is "game within a toy" that clever canines can revel in "all day long."

Buy it! Zippy Paws' Zippy Burrow, $19.99;

Expert tip: Puzzle toys like the Zippy Burrow can be enriching for many canines, according to Faughn. "As with any new toy, monitor your dog to ensure they are enjoying the game and not becoming frustrated," she advises.

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Best Catnip Toy

Catnip cat toyFUZZu Mat Momo Courtesy Jessica Bryan
Courtesy Jessica Bryan

This "eye-catching" mat filled with organic catnip had cats "flopping around" in happiness and made a "supersoft" nap spot once playtime ended.

Buy it! FUZZU's Sweet Spot Refillable Catnip Mat, $15.99; and

Expert tip: Give cats space to test out a new toy. "Cats like to use their sense of smell to investigate new objects in their environment. Before you start using a new product with a cat, leave it out for them to sniff and check out on their own terms," Samantha Bell, a cat expert with Best Friend Animal Society, says.

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Best Overall Cat Toy

Best New Overall Cat Toy Eco Friendly Wool Felt Mouse Cat Toy triple t studios cat-toys-mouse-felt_silo
triple t studios

Owners said this eco-friendly 100% wool toy was a "crowd-pleaser" that made felines "light up" with excitement and play until they got tired.

Buy it! The Tiniest Tiger's Wool Felt Mouse Cat Toy, $9;

Expert tip: Don't be afraid to mix it up. "Offering a variety of toy types — some that roll, some that make noise, some they can bite, some big enough for them to hold and kick — and using a wand toy are great ways to figure out your cat's preferred way to play," Bell shares.

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Best Cat Treat

Vita Kraft Treat Product
Vita Kraft

Pet owners enjoyed hand-feeding their cats this lickable treat that had felines "running" to eat the snack straight from the pouch.

Buy it! Vitakraft's Lick 'n' Lap Creamy Cat Treat, $4 for five servings;

Expert tip: Bringing movement to your cat's toys can encourage play. "A toy lying on the ground is not as enticing as a toy stealthily moving past them," Bell says. And don't be afraid to "look silly" while playing with your feline.

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Best New Dog Treat

Petaluma Sweet Potato Jerky Bag.

Even picky pups not motivated by food "drooled over" these organic, single-ingredient treats, which are great for canines who like to chew.

Buy it! Petaluma' Sweet Potato Jerky, $17.99;

Expert tip: Dr. Annie suggests dedicating daily time to playing with your pet to improve their "overall well-being." And remember, always "keep it a positive experience."

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Best Cat Scratcher

Frisco TV Set Cardboard Cat House_silo

Pet owners liked this cardboard scratcher's "quirky" design, while their cats appreciated having a new place to hide and play.

Buy it! Frisco's TV Set Cardboard Cat House, $19.98;

Expert tip: Bell suggests "marinating" your cat's toys and scratchers in enticing pet-safe scents like catnip, valerian root, and silvervine.

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Best Dog Leash

dog tester Courtesy Kelly Wynne
Courtesy Kelly Wynne

This "comfy" dog leash, made of nylon wrapped in neoprene, comes in a "beautiful" green with a chic poop-bag holder.

Buy it! Archie & Alfred's Everyday Dog Leash, $36;

For more details on the best pet products of 2022, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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