It's fur real: The Westgate Ark animal shelter needs dedicated volunteers to cuddle with shy feral kittens

The purr-fect job is now available – no experience necessary.

The Westgate Ark animal shelter in Newcastle, U.K., is searching for “Cat Cuddlers” who can help socialize their young feral cats, reports the U.K.’s Chronicle Live. The cats have been flooding into the shelter in droves since Westgate Ark opened in April.

The job (which is unpaid) sounds like every cat lover’s dream. “The most important help we need is people to spend time sitting with our cats and kittens to interact with them and get them used to and confident around people,” reads a posting on the shelter’s website, marked Cat Cuddlers.

“This process of socialization is of the utmost importance as a lack of ease around people may ruin a kittens chances of getting a happy home for life! Cat cuddling can be done on a regular or irregular basis.”

While the shelter has a few regular volunteers who specialize in kitty hugs, shelter spokesman Paul Black tells the Chronicle that the shelter’s doors are wide open for more.

“We have taken our 11th feral cat from [Lemington] this week and the main thing that needs doing is neutering them,” he said. “The older cats we will neuter and then take them back because they are too old to be socialized, but with the kittens we want to find them homes.”

If you’re ready to embrace your inner cat cuddler, contact Paul Black at

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