Thousands of customers recommend these toys for chewing, tugging, and fetching

By Sam Lauron
May 14, 2020 05:36 PM
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Dog Toys

Now that the majority of us are spending more time at home than ever, it’s safe to say our dogs are thrilled. But with this extended quality time may come the realization of just how much attention your dog needs. For this reason, many pet owners have turned to dog toys to keep their pups entertained between all of the walks and cuddles.

Whether your dog is a strong chewer, a big fan of fetch, or loves interactive toys, finding the right dog toy is essential to keeping your pup engaged and happy at home — especially during those times when you actually need to get some work done. Not only do toys ensure your dog is entertained, but they’re also a good way to get him or her moving and staying active, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life. 

To help you find the best toy for your furry companion, we combed through thousands of customer reviews from trusted retailers, like Chewy and Amazon, and found 9 top-rated dog toys that pet owners say their pups can’t get enough of. 

Here are the best dog toys to buy online: 

  1. Best Overall: Nylabone Flavored Dog Chew Toy
  2. Best-Selling: Kong Classic Dog Toy
  3. Best for Strong Chewers: Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Toy
  4. Best Multi-Pack: ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toys
  5. Best for Exercise: Chuckit! Dog Ball Thrower
  6. Best for Puppies: KONG X-Small Teddy Bear Dog Toy
  7. Most Affordable: Hartz Dura Play Ball
  8. Most Durable: Mammoth Cotton Dog Rope Toy
  9. Best Non-Toxic: West Paw Design Hurley Dog Toy

No matter your dog’s size, play style, or strength level, there’s a fun option for every type of canine here. Keep reading to learn why customers recommend each of these toys so you can pick one that both you and your dog will love. 

Best Overall: Nylabone Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Dog Toys
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

This top-rated dog toy provides a powerful solution to destructive chewing by combining durability, entertainment, and even bacon, all into one. Nylabone’s flavored chew toy has thousands of rave reviews from pet owners who say it’s long-lasting, fun, and holds up to even the most extreme chewers. With several sizes and a few flavor options to choose from, there’s something for every type of pup, no matter the play style or strength. “My pups LOVE their Nylabones,” said one reviewer. “These are great chew toys for power chewers, and last a long time.”

Buy It! Nylabone Flavored Dog Chew Toy, $1.35–$13.99;

Best-Selling: KONG Classic Dog Toy

Amazon Pet Toys
Credit: Amazon

The number one best-selling dog chew toy on Amazon, this classic toy is meant to fulfill all types of playtime needs — whether you want to play fetch, give your dog an activity to pass the time with, or even reward them with a small treat. The durable rubber design is made to not only withstand strong chewing, but is also extremely bouncy, making it a fun toy for your dog to play with on their own or with you. But perhaps the most-loved functionality of this toy, according to more than 5,000 five-star reviews, is the fact that it can be filled with treats to either reward your furry friend or keep them stimulated for a couple hours. “These really are the world's best dog toy!" said one shopper.

Buy It! KONG Classic Dog Toy, $7.99–$20; 

Best for Strong Chewers: Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Toy

Amazon Pet Toys
Credit: Amazon

There’s no telling why so many dogs are drawn to sticks, but this toy provides the solution for any canine with a stick-chewing habit. Made with a blend of real and synthetic wood, this non-toxic dog toy is designed to resemble the same sticks they get their paws on in the backyard. It’s also extremely durable, with many reviewers stating that it’s passed the test with their pups who are strong chewers. Nearly 3,000 shoppers left a positive review for the sturdy chew toy; one said it's "worth it if you have a heavy chewer" while another person said: "My dog can chew through most bones in 30 minutes and gets sick of the super hard porcelain-like bones after a day or two. With this, it took her weeks to get through it and she didn't get tired of it. The best part is that it didn't flake or leave residue and doesn't have gross (or any) scent that gets on our furniture."

Buy It! Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Toy, $4.99–$5.40 (orig. $14.99);

Best Multi-Pack: ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

Amazon Pet Toys
Credit: Amazon

This three-pack of woodland creature-themed toys is sure to be a hit with dogs who are enthusiastic about squeakers. With two squeakers in each toy, these are sure to provide long-lasting entertainment. And while plush toys are typically filled with stuffing — which often leads to a big mess once the dog manages to pull it all out — these don’t have any stuffing, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning them up later. One customer praised the quality of the toys and said, "My doggy loves them. Her mission in life is to destroy anything with a squeak and fill the house with toy stuffing, but that's not possible with these toys. No stuffing is brilliant. I also appreciate how strong the seaming is on these toys because she has not yet been able to rip them. The toys have multiple squeaks which drives her crazy with excitement! And the squeaks aren't too terrible to listen to."

Buy It! ZippyPaws Squeaky Plush Dog Toys, 3-pack, $8.99 (orig. $15.99);

Best for Exercise: Chuckit! Dog Ball Thrower

Amazon Pet Toys
Credit: Amazon

The Chuckit! Ball Launcher reinvents the classic pastime of tossing and fetching between dog and owner. Available in different handle lengths to meet the specific needs of you and your pup, its simple and ergonomic design requires little effort on the thrower's part. This makes it easier than ever to launch a ball and retrieve it from your pet — without getting your hands covered in slobber — in one fell swoop. Just push the cupped end of the stick on top of the ball and you’re good to go. One customer called it "the best toy, the end." Another reviewer, who also called it "the best toy ever," said: "Bought this for our Lab, who is the quintessential retriever. All other toys were forgotten in less than 30 seconds. One toss of this ball and she was hooked! She would play for hours if we let her." 

Buy It! Chuckit! Dog Ball Thrower, $5.45–$11.95 (orig. $10.99–$12.99);

Best for Puppies: KONG X-Small Teddy Bear Dog Toy

Dog Toys
Credit: Petco

Giving your puppy their first toy is as big of a milestone as celebrating their first birthday, so it’s important to make it memorable. While there are plenty of durable and entertaining toys to choose from, a cozy plush dog toy, like this option from Kong, is sure to fulfill a new dog’s needs to chew, cuddle, and tug. Plus, the small size makes it perfect for even the littlest pups. “I bought this for bringing my new puppy home and it is one of her favorites,” said one reviewer. “It is holding up really well even though it is small and we play light tug with it.”

Buy It! KONG X-Small Teddy Bear Dog Toy, $3.79 (orig. $4.99); 

Most Affordable: Hartz Dura Play Ball

Dog Toys

If you’re in the market for a fun option for your pup that won’t cost you a lot, look no further than this affordable squeaky ball. Not only is it just $3 for the small size (yes, really!), but it's also super durable and will keep your dog engaged for hours. Made with a natural foam latex that forms a flexible shape, the simple toy comes in three sizes and can be used in so many ways. Your pup will love fetching, bouncing, or chewing it — it is bacon-scented, after all. One reviewer said this is their puppy’s “favorite ball” and added, “she likes the loud squeak and ability to firmly grasp it.”

Buy It! Hartz Dura Play Ball, $2.59 (orig. $2.67);

Most Durable: Mammoth Cotton Dog Rope Toy

Dog Toys

Rope toys have long been reliable sources of entertainment for dogs, whether to play tug-of -war, fetch, or for chewing. And thanks to their high-quality materials, they’re also known to be one of the most long-lasting dog toys. Made from 100 percent natural cotton, this rope toy is durable enough to withstand the pulling and tugging of a strong, persistent pet, which also makes it an excellent teething option for a new puppy,. Customers say they’ve come back to this versatile rope again and again because it works well for dogs of all sizes, ages, and play styles. “My dogs will put any toy to the test,” one reviewer said. “This one is holding up to their chewing and tugging!”

Buy It! Mammoth Cotton Blend Dog Rope Toy, $3.10–$9.99;

Best Non-Toxic: West Paw Design Hurley Dog Toy 

Amazon Pet Toys
Credit: Amazon

With its lightweight yet durable material, easy-to-hold shape, and bright colors, this chew toy checks all the boxes. But it’s most important quality is that it’s made with non-toxic materials, like BPA-free plastic, so you can rest assured that your pup is safe while chewing and playing with this toy for hours on end. Plus, as an eco-friendly bonus, it’s made from the materials of recycled toys. One shopper called the chew toy "unbreakable," while many others agreed it's super durable and great for strong chewers. "After having this bone a month, my pitlab mix hasn't destroyed it! Actually, he adores it. It's the only toy he's allowed to have upstairs/in bed because it doesn't flake like other chew toys," wrote one person. "It also is bouncy enough that we play fetch with it. During his down time, he loves to chew it or just hold it between his paws."

Buy It! West Paw Design Hurley Dog Toy, $8.95–15.95;

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