Panda mom Meng Meng is doing a great job helping her cubs "eat, sleep, cuddle, repeat."

According to the German zoo, the cubs, who were born pink and tiny, are getting bigger every day and are starting to grow their black-and-white coats.

Mom Meng Meng was expected to give birth to one cub on August 31, but surprised keepers by giving birth to twins. The currently unnamed cubs are the first pandas to be born in Germany.

Even with an extra mouth to feed, Meng Meng is doing a great job caring for her kids.

“Although I have witnessed the birth and rearing of many animals during my time as a veterinarian, the relationship between mother bears and their cubs never fails to fascinate me,” Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr. Andreas Knieriem said in a statement. “Big, powerful bears turn into loving, sensitive mothers when their offspring arrive – and our Meng Meng is no exception.”

Meng Meng is helping the babies stick to a schedule of “eat, sleep, cuddle, repeat,” which has been serving the duo well.

The cubs are now double their birth weight and can visually recognize their mom.

To make sure everyone keeps their energy up, the zoo is helping Meng Meng care for the cubs, bringing the babies to her one at a time to feed. When they are not with mom, the cubs are kept in incubators to keep them safe and healthy.