"This is far and away one of the gold standard cat toys in my arsenal"
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cat scratcher toy
Credit: Amazon

When it comes to cat toys, there are hundreds to choose from on Amazon, from feathered wands and ball towers to the raved-about $2 Cat Dancer Toy. However, one in particular stands out for the sheer number of five-star reviews it has: the Bergan Turbo Scratcher.

The two-in-one toy features a scratch pad mounted in a circular track, and comes with a ball and catnip. Cats can use it to scratch their claws and spin the ball around the ring — and while that may seem incredibly simple, owners can’t stop raving about how obsessed their cats are with it. Reviewers say it’s a must-have if your kitty tends to scratch furniture or you haven’t found a toy to captivate their attention for long periods of time yet.

“If I could give this 100 stars I would! I purchased one several years ago and removed the ball as my cats liked to play with it at 3:00 AM. My cats LOVE this! (Now I just put it in the closet at night.) I have to say it is a little noisy but totally worth it seeing how much my cats enjoy it. They literally play with this thing for hours,” one shopper wrote. “Others have mentioned their cat managed to get the ball out of the track. I haven’t had that problem, but trust me, it’s not for lack of trying. We also didn’t have a problem getting the label off the middle of the toy, it peeled right off with no glue residue whatsoever. My cats LOVE the center for scratching. This thing is well built and very sturdy. Great price and great product!”

cat scratcher toy
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Bergan Turbo Scratcher, $10.49 (orig. $17.99); amazon.com

Customers say the inclusion of catnip is a plus for their cats to be motivated to play with the Turbo Scratcher; however, a majority find their cats love it so much, they don’t even need to use it. Plus, shoppers love that Amazon also offers replacement scratching pads — and they’re just $4.

Another customer wrote, “My cats LOVE this toy! They love scratching on the scratcher and batting the ball around and back and forth. They lay across it, lunge on, around and over and even sit in the middle on the scratcher and attempt to bat the ball around and around. I recommend this item. I also recommend putting it up for a week or two and then getting it out again. I do this with my cat toys so it seems like they are getting a new toy because I rotate the play options. I also move it around the house! They act like they are discovering it for the first time when it is in a different room, etc. I’ve had it for several years and it’s held up amazing through 13 cats!”

Plus, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher is just $10 — a total steal for all the uses your cat can get out of it!