'Below Deck's' Caroline Bedol Says She Was Unaware of the Warrant Out for Her Arrest

Caroline Bedol is the third stewardess on Below Deck's sixth and current season

Below Deck‘s Caroline Bedol is speaking out about her dog-related attack, which she is reportedly now facing legal troubles over.

Bedol, the third stewardess on the Bravo series’ sixth and current season, learned that a warrant is out for her arrest through a report made by Radar Online — and she maintains that she can’t find the document.

After the reality star’s pit bull attacked another man’s dog when she was walking her pet back in May, the outlet says Bedol skipped two mandatory court appearances following the incident — one in September and one in October — which led to her arrest warrant being issued on Friday.

While Bedol tells PEOPLE that the claim about her skipping two court dates is “probably true,” she says that she’s a “little confused” about the arrest warrant.

“I tried to run a warrant search and for some reason I can’t find it on the database,” she says. “I don’t exactly know what’s going on with that. I need to figure that out because it’s a matter of paying my fine.”

Bedol says she thinks the fine is around $160 — something she’s “happy” to pay.

The police report obtained by Radar stated that Bedol’s neighbor “was walking his Australian shepherd dog while leashed when a black Pitbull ran out into the street and attacked his dog.” It also alleged that Bedol’s dog “was not on a leash or under control” at the time.

While detailing her version of events, Bedol says that she got her pit bull mutt named Rico, now 3 years old, about a year ago. She says that he hadn’t been socialized or taught any discipline until he met her.


“He’s never really interacted with other dogs, but we have dogs all over our neighborhood,” she says. “I can’t just let him off the leash and train him.”

It was raining around 10:30 p.m. on the night of the incident, which Bedol thought would be the perfect time to take Rico off his leash in her unfenced yard. When Bedol’s older neighbor came by with his dog, she says Rico bounded towards him.

“He attacked [the dog], don’t get me wrong, but it was like an attack from your four year old who runs up to you and just jumps on you,” Bedol says. “He pounced. My neighbor reacted by kicking him.”

“It wasn’t aggressive,” she continues. “There was dominance, but I think it was fear-related — he’s not aggressive. As much as I love my animals, if I realized that I’m dealing with an aggressive dog, you’ve got to call in the professionals. I’m not an idiot and I’m not blindly [like], ‘No he’s a sweetheart! I swear to God he would never do that.’ That’s animal abuse to allow that to be a pattern. I refuse to be grouped with these people because they’re the most heinous people in our society. We are 100 percent responsible for the experience we create for these dogs and animals and children. They don’t get a choice.”

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After the incident, Bedol says her neighbor decided to call the dog warden.

“I said, ‘I do not blame you because this was my fault. My dog was off the leash on my property and he left and jumped on your dog,’ ” she says. “The dog had nothing, no marks, anything. He had saliva on his neck. No bite.”

The owner of the shepherd alleged in the report obtained by Radar that this was the second time the pit bull attacked his pet. Bedol denies this claim saying instead that her dog “did the exact same thing to another neighbor’s dog.”

“I take full responsibility for that,” she adds. “I made the same mistake twice.”

When the dog warden talked to her the second time, Bedol says she was given a ticket and told she would need to go before a judge since she had previously been given a warning. Bedol claims that the warden told her to “fight this.”

“I was just going to pay my fine and be like, ‘Guilty as charged,’ ” she says. “When she said, ‘I suggest you fight it,’ it made me feel better. It’s her job to remove vicious animals from the community. For her to encourage me to fight this was really comforting, but I’ve honestly been in such a depressive fog that my minds just not in the game. I missed my court date. Did I skip town? No. I’m just not focused right now.”

“It’s really just a matter of paying that fine and then it’s done,” she continues. “[Rico is] not getting taken away. He’s not vicious. Do I need to be extremely cautious? Yeah, because if this happens one more time they’re going to have to probably take him in and assess him and that breaks my heart.”

A police investigation also reportedly discovered that Bedol’s dog was not licensed.

According to Radar, Bedol is being charged with possession of a vicious, barking dog and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements. Bedol, though, claims these charges have not been expressed to her.

“It was a leash law that I violated,” Bedol explains. “[This article] was the first time that I ever heard [the word vicious] associated with my dog. If he’s vicious, do you think that the warden is going to continue to allow him to live amongst the community? Again, that’s her job to keep people safe. It’s simply not true.”

A rep for Bravo did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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