Behind the Scenes: PEOPLE's Exclusive Photo Shoot With Animal Actors!

PEOPLE tracked down the most recognizable animals from TV and movies for a fun filled photo shoot in Hollywood.

We gathered seven famous animals and their trainers in West Hollywood, Calif., for a 3D photo shoot. You can check out the adorable shots and more in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

Armed with treats to motivate their star critters–Ripley, the monkey from Friends, likes grapes and yogurt, while most of the pups preferred chicken–the animal trainers posed their animals in Hollywood-themed scenes like a fancy sports car and an underground poker game.

And while everyone cooperated with the day’s demands (two dogs and a cat even got along in the poker scene!) the retirees were a bit slower to hit their marks than they used to be. As 13-year-old Enzo, one of the dogs who played Eddie on Frasier, shot his scene, sitting up straight was a tall order. “We need a little kick-stand,” joked one trainer. Said another with a laugh, “This is what happens when you want to shoot retired animals!”

But all of the stars enjoyed themselves: Enzo lounged on a doggie bed between shots with plenty of water and snacks, while Ripley greeted everyone on set by burying himself inside their hoods, scarves and shirts. And the loveable Lab Clyde from from the recent hit Marley & Me made friends all around, giving kisses to every person–and a piece of photo equipment–within reach.

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