Beaver Spotted Christmas Shopping at Maryland Dollar General

A beaver was apprehended wandering the Christmas aisle of a Maryland Dollar General Monday night

Beavers aren’t typically known as thrifty mammals, but times have been hard across all species lately.

Monday, a beaver was spotted perusing the aisles at a Dollar General in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. The animal, presumably getting a jump-start on his holiday shopping, simply wandered through the store’s front doors and made its way through the aisles, pausing at a display of Christmas trees, before animal control curtailed its shopping spree and released it safely back into the wild.

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

As you can see, the lil’ guy was quite startled at the savings the store appeared to present him with, even more so than when he had his picture taken for his mug shot.

The real problem is going to be when he gets back to the dam and tells everyone else about the great deals he found. Pretty soon that Dollar General’s just going to be overrun, and all the beaver’s relatives will be getting off-brand action figures for Christmas presents this year.

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