Watch a Bear Family Take Over a North Carolina Elementary School's Playground to Use the Slides

Two bears recently visited Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina, and made use of the school's playground

Humans aren't the only species that enjoy slides.

According to The Charlotte Observer, two bears, including one cub, made an impromptu visit to the playground of Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina, on Tuesday.

Fifth-grade teacher Betsie Stockslager Emry spotted the bear duo — which she believes is a mother and baby bear — while leaving the school at the end of the day and decided to film the playful pair.

Emry's video shows the two bears climbing all over the playground while humans watch on making delighted comments. In the clip, the larger of the two bears uses one of the playground's slides and then appears to encourage the smaller bear to do the same.

"I LOVE how the mama goes down the big slide and quickly runs to the smaller slide- only to BEAR HUG the little one as they make it to the bottom," Emry posted with the video on her Facebook, where it received over 900 shares.

Isaac Dickson Elementary School also shared Emry's video on Facebook and noted that this wild "playground take over" happened after classes concluded, so most students were not on campus. Children at the school during the bears' visits stayed "safely inside" throughout the incident, according to the school.

Emry told McClatchy News that bears "often" appear around Isaac Dickson Elementary School and that the students "are used to going into a perimeter lockdown" when bears get close to school grounds.

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