The couple who own Mo’Pweeze Bakery in Rockaway Township left the cupcakes overnight in their locked car, but found the window smashed and sugary paw prints all over the hood the next morning

By Saryn Chorney
May 14, 2018 04:04 PM

Forget Goldilocks and her porridge. A hungry bear in Denville, New Jersey, set his sights — and tastebuds — on something much yummier.

CBS New York reports that Adrian and Christine Allen, the couple who own Mo’Pweeze Bakery, left vegan cupcakes overnight Wednesday in their locked car, but found the window smashed and sugary paw prints all over the hood the next morning. They had intended to deliver the sweet treats to a local soup kitchen, but then the bear swiped them.

Christine tells PEOPLE “we heard crunching” noises “around 2 a.m. in the front yard.” The couple woke up and looked out the window and weren’t that surprised to see the bear, since they say a bear was seen in their woodsy neighborhood just a few weeks ago.

Adrian said he went out to check the garbage, but found everything intact, so the couple decided to go back to sleep. But upon further investigation in the morning, “the box of cupcakes was taken and every treat was devoured,” Christine tells PEOPLE.

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But that’s not all. According to Adrian, her son’s car seat was “dragged out of the car and set to the side” and “the windows smashed.”

Although the Allens called animal control, they told the department they’re animal lovers and didn’t want the bear to be harmed in any way.

“We’re not upset at the bear, we understand that it’s in its habitat and trying to survive, we do not want in any way for this animal to be hurt,” Christine Allen tells PEOPLE. “I have been in contact with fish and wildlife a few times since this incident reiterating that in no way do we want it to be harmed and they fully respect our request and have been very helpful in educating our family about bear safety.”

The Allens have instead turned the unfortunate incident into a creative, industrious and downright delicious opportunity. Mo’Pweeze Bakery, which specializes in allergen-free, vegan and nut-free treats, now offers a new beary cute cupcake, inspired by the animal who clearly has good taste.

“In honor of our furry friend who has now become our biggest fan (Mo’Pweezer) we have named him Teddy and made cupcakes, all of the teddy cupcakes that we sold on Saturday at our store we donated 100% of the proceeds to Bear Education and Resource (BEAR).”

Mo'Pweeze Bakery

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Still, the Allens say they hope the bear isn’t a return customer and in the future, they won’t be leaving any baked goods in their car again.