Bear Relaxes in Pennsylvania Family's Brand New Koi Pond Complete with Rubber Duckies

The bear enjoyed the pond's accessories and left the frogs, fish, and crayfish living in the water alone

A pond put in on the property of a home in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania had its first bather.

According to ViralHog, a bear popped into the koi pond this summer to cool off from a 90-degree day.

"We just finished building our koi pond in June and we've seen a few bears walk around it but never went in before," the video description for the clip of the bear taking a dip reads. "It was over 90° f that day on to of the mountain so the koi pond was a perfect place for the bear to cool off."

The description continues, letting viewers know that, while the bear did take an interest in the pond's rubber duckies, the animal didn't bother any of the fish, crayfish, or frogs living in the pond.

No animals or humans were injured in this moment of relaxation. The bear did leave a few holes in the pond's liner, but the owner said the holes were an easy fix.

When it comes to encountering a bear in your backyard, the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) has some advice.

"If you come across a bear on your property, there are two possible courses of action. The first is to make loud noises or shout at the bear from a distance – like you'd react to a dog getting into your trash," the PGC wrote on their website. "The second option is to leave the bear alone, and clean up the bear's mess after it leaves. Follow up by making sure you eliminate whatever attracted the bear in the first place. You may need to talk to your neighbors, as well."

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