A Connecticut resident learned the hard way that idle birthday cake attracts some unusual party guests

By Saryn Chorney
August 28, 2017 05:27 PM

Know someone celebrating a birthday today? It’s kind of a bummer when your special day falls on a Monday, but we’ve got just the thing to cheer ’em up: A bear eating a birthday cake. Go ahead, share it!

Now, whose birthday cake is it, anyway? Well, a woman named Jennifer from Bristol, Connecticut, shared the video with NBC Connecticut on Sunday. So, it was probably a human’s birthday but do you really think that matters to this bear? Nope. As far as he is concerned, the leftover sheet cake has his name written (in delicious icing) all over it.

The rule of the natural land is “finder’s keepers,” and if you have a problem with this so-called uninvited guest, we suggest being a tad more cautious about unattended backyard dessert displays in woodland areas moving forward.

Seriously, haven’t we learned anything since last summer’s bear family in a New Jersey pool? Bears LOVE to party, with or without a cake. In the infamous words of 50 Cent, this bear is gon’ party like it’s his birthday, and he don’t give a … you know … it’s not his birthday.

Happy Monday. Happy Birthday. Let bears eat cake.

(This has been a public service announcement from PEOPLE Pets.)