Arizona Game and Fish spokesman Mark Hart confirmed that the bear cubs are in "good health" after the incident

By Tim McGovern
May 01, 2019 12:38 AM

Three bear cubs are beary lucky to be alive after a car just narrowly missed hitting them but sadly crashed into their mother and killed her on a busy Arizona roadway.

Following the fatal incident, which occurred roughly 90 minutes north of Tucson on Apr. 29, the three cubs were safely delivered to a conservation center in Scottsdale, the Arizona Star reports.

The one-car incident happened just after 4 a.m. local time on Monday morning, according to the outlet.

Though the driver was uninjured after the collision, the mama bear struck by the vehicle was sadly dead by the time state troopers arrived on the scene on Arizona’s State Route 77.

Arizona Department of Public Safety/Twitter

A spokesperson for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Mark Hart, told the Arizona Star that two of the cubs were captured after authorities arrived, with the third was caught later on, after it wandered off the road.

One of the first responders was scratched by one of the bear cubs, but their injuries were treated, the Arizona Game and Fish Department tweeted on Monday.

Along with their tweet, the Game and Fish Department shared a video of the bears sitting together in their carrier, appearing somewhat nervous and unsure.

One of the more curious siblings even stood up on its legs in the clip and looked out of the carrier’s window to adorably check out his surroundings.

The cubs were eventually brought by Game and Fish Department officials to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, where they are in good health and have been receiving proper care, according to Hart.

Because of their young age, James O’Brien of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center said the cubs need all the help they can get, especially now that they’re living without their mother.

“They’re only 4 months old, so they’re pretty helpless right now,” O’Brien told 3TV/CBS5.

On Monday morning, Hayden Police Department confirmed the incident on Facebook and shared that the cubs would be released into the wild once the rescue organization deems them ready to care for themselves.

In the post, HPD also advised drivers to look out for bears while on the road and call for help if they spot the large animals.

“Three small bear cubs were rescued by Hayden PD and DPS this morning just south of town where their momma bear was hit by a vehicle,” HPD wrote in a statement.

The department continued, “Game and Fish came and picked the cubs up and will foster them at a Wildlife Rescue in Scottsdale to be released back into the wild when they are ready to care for themselves.”

“Remember- if you see bear cubs, the momma is not far… stay away and don’t touch. Call the police right away,” they added. “Great Job Hayden PD, DPS, and the concerned citizen who stopped to help get these crying babies safely secured.”