Here comes the bear!

By Kelli Bender
September 25, 2019 04:37 PM
Credit: GypsySoul Photography

A wedding photoshoot in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, had to take a break when it was interrupted by a furry interloper. According to WBIR, Leah McMahan, owner of Gypsy Soul Photography & Salon, was photographing Sarina and Cory Brewer on their wedding day amongst the Great Smoky Mountains, when she noticed a bear in her shots.

“Here is the monstrous photo bomber that jacked my heart rate up to Jesus while shooting a bride and groom in Gatlinburg today ….,” McMahan posted on her Facebook along with the few photos of the bear she was able to capture.

Credit: GypsySoul Photography

In the photos, the wedding crasher appears to be a bit curious about wedding logistics, eyeing the couple’s decorations and even taking a walk down the aisle.

Credit: GypsySoul Photography

Luckily, the ceremony area, where the bear was hanging out, was empty aside from the couple and McMahan. The wedding guests were all at a different location for the reception, reports the New York Post.

After practicing its wedding day strut, the bear walked back into the woods, leaving McMahan with a particularly memorable wedding shoot.