A man in Sierra Madre, California, came home to find a bear raiding the chicken he left on his kitchen counter

In a reverse Goldilocks situation, a bear was found in someone else's home sampling a stranger's food.

According to KABC, Josh Holden returned to his Sierra Madre, California, home on Oct. 28 and found his front door standing open. Inside the house, Holden stumbled upon the intruder — a hungry bear.

The homeowner found the wild animal parked on his kitchen counter with its face buried inside a bucket of leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken. Holden filmed the encounter with the hungry bear.

In the clip, the bear is chowing away at the chicken inside the bucket when Holden shouts at the animal to get its attention. The bear briefly looks up at the camera but doesn't seem too alarmed to have its stolen feast interrupted.

Holden told KABC that along with the KFC-loving cub on his kitchen counter, he found another bear inside his home and one waiting outside. He scared all the animals off of his property by making loud noises.

KFC bear

"I've had a lot of other encounters with them. I've actually had them bump into me a couple times in the backyard, but definitely never in the house like that. That was something else, and they sure made a mess of the place," Holden told the outlet about his bear experience.

Thankfully, all humans and animals walked away from the encounter unharmed, and Holden learned a valuable lesson — never leave your KFC unattended.

Holden told KABC that he believes the aroma permeating from the open bucket of KFC on his counter lured the bears to and through his front door.