Hungry Bear Breaks Into a Calif. House and Treats Himself to Some Snacks

The bear "snacked on some fruit and bread," before making its way out, according to the Placer County Sheriff's Office

It seems as if there was one very hungry bear in Northern California this week.

On Thursday, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office shared a video on social media of a bear helping himself to some groceries in a Northstar, North Lake Tahoe home.

In the post, the mammal is standing on top of the kitchen counter and floor just eating away. (According to the sheriff’s office, this bear was particularly fond of the “fruit and bread.”)

Meanwhile, a deputy is seen trying to get the bear’s attention by knocking on the window in an attempt to get the wild animal out of the homeowner’s house, which thankfully, the deputies were able to do.

Placer County Sheriff's Office

“This afternoon, this hungry and fearless bear broke into a home at Northstar, North Lake Tahoe, to get some groceries,” the sheriff’s office captioned the 40 second clip. “The homeowners called us, and our deputies were able to chase him out of the house, after he snacked on some fruit and bread!”

“As bears are coming out of hibernation, please use utmost caution if you encounter them,” the sheriff’s office warned.

“In this case, the homeowners were very grateful to the deputies who got the bear out of their house with no injuries and no property damage,” the statement concluded.

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This isn’t the first time a bear has found its way into people’s homes.

In May 2017, a black bear in Bradbury, California, got into a residential backyard pool and was spotted enjoying a few minutes of a refreshing swim.

In a video from Sky5 shown on KTLA 5 at the time, the bear was seen exiting the pool area after his dip by climbing over its screened-in enclosure. However, twenty minutes later, the curious mammal wandered onto another property, but this time, a guard dog was on duty and promptly chased the intruder away from the house.

The dog in question, named Ba Bao, was “the hero” of the incident, according to his owner Eddie Hsu.

“He’s my hero today,” Bradbury resident Hsu told KTLA, adding that it’s a “very frightening” situation considering his two young children are usually playing outside in the afternoon.

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