It's a quick and easy way to make sure your feline friend lives a long and happy life

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Cat parents, if you adopted your feline friend from a shelter or took in a stray, chances are you don’t know much about their genetic history or breed, even. But you can discover everything you may want (or need) to know about your kitty thanks to Basepaws, the company behind the world’s first at-home cat DNA test.

With a quick and non-invasive saliva sample, you can learn more about which breeds and traits make up your cat’s unique genetic profile, as well as if your cat inherited more DNA from a lion or tiger. While you might be most excited to learn what breed your cat really is, perhaps the most useful part of the test is that it gives you a full rundown of any genetic mutations your cat may have that correspond to genetic diseases, like PKD, HCM, and retinal degeneration — which is important information for making sure your pet lives a long and happy life. 

Once your kit has arrived, swab your kitty’s mouth for five to 10 seconds, activate your CatKit online, then mail your sample back to the Basepaws laboratory. It should take anywhere from four to six weeks to receive your cat’s DNA results via your online portal. One of the coolest parts about the test kit is that, once you’ve done it, you’ll continue to receive updated information about your furry friend throughout his or her lifetime based on the lab’s other findings. 

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit
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Buy It! Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit, $89 (orig. $149);

The Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit is currently $20 off, but if you’re a Prime member, you can get an additional $40 off as one Amazon’s Prime Day deals—meaning you’ll score 40 percent off your purchase. According to its description on Amazon, the DNA kit is actually a Shark Tank product and was once featured on Ellen Degeneres’ “List” of favorite things. And while it hasn’t racked up too many reviews yet, those who have used it have said it’s given them “some unexpected peace of mind.”

“I found that my cat actually did not show any of the indicators for genetic illnesses included in the test, which was a huge peace of mind, and even if she had shown some indicators, I believe the preparedness would have made me feel better as well,” one wrote. “We are happy Basepaws customers and plan to purchase again for our other two mystery cats!” 

“If you are as curious as your cat, Basepaws is a must,” another added. “While it was fun and educational learning about my newly adopted cat's breed group, I felt that the strength in Basepaws lies more in its Health Marker Report. This is invaluable information for feline healthcare. Now I can tailor diet and be on the lookout for any issues my cat may be prone to.” 

Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift for a cat lover or you’re curious about your own kitty’s health and genetics, Amazon’s exclusive discount for Prime members on the Basepaws DNA Test Kit is all the more reason to get one right now.  

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