Courtesy BarkBox

The party included an on-site dog sommelier and poet

January 30, 2019 03:03 PM
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BarkBox is all about making doggy dreams come true.

The dog toy and treat maker offers monthly subscription boxes made just for pups and plenty of adorable, individual toys that dog owners can buy in stores, but for this Valentine’s Day they wanted to do something extra special.

Instead of just making toys for the holiday, BarkBox decided to throw a lovey-dovey bash called a “I Chews You: A Romantic Evening of Frenchie Kissing.” They picked French Bulldogs as the subjects of celebration because these dogs are some of the best French kissers in the canine world.

Courtesy BarkBox

The New York City party was attended by more than 50 French bulldogs and their families. That’s right, dozens of adorable Frenchies all frolicking in one spot. As the photos below prove, this event was indescribably precious.

Courtesy BarkBox
Courtesy BarkBox

Frenchie attendees were treated to beverages from an on-site dog sommelier and literary art from an instant poem writer.

Courtesy BarkBox

Of course, no modern soirée is complete without a photo booth, and almost all the dog guests took advantage of the sweet set BarkBox put up for pictures.

Courtesy BarkBox

Love was truly in the air that night. And while only a few lucky souls were there to witness the puppy love in person, all of us can revel in the memories and perhaps find some inspiration for our own V-Day parties.

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