Chandra Wilson's dog sports a harness made of Lycra. How about your pup?

By People Staff
Updated December 15, 2009 10:35 PM

She may play tough-talking chief resident Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy, but even Chandra Wilson couldn’t keep her 5-lb. dog Monte from destroying all of his doggie harnesses. “He had this really bad habit of chewing all of his little harnesses,” she tells PEOPLE Pets. “I was going through harnesses.”

Thankfully, the actress came up with a cure for the 2-year-old papillon’s urge to chomp. “I’ve found this one that has this mesh Lycra kind of thing. It fits on him sort of like a little gym suit. And he can’t bite that. It’s lasted a whole two months now. I think it’s going to make it,” she says.

Watch the actress explain in the video above how her stretchable harness – like the Preppy Alligator Soft Dog Harness ($28) – worked wonders.

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