Lee Ann Womack’s canines love the Everlasting Treat Ball. What’s your dog’s favorite distraction?

By Reporting By Katie Kauss and Amy Jamieson
Updated December 15, 2009 10:33 PM

What’s one of the biggest challenges as a dog owner? Keeping a rambunctious pooch occupied throughout the day. Country singer Lee Ann Womack, who is mom to four dogs – Yorkies Cocoa and Honey, and mutts Wilson and Shadow – knows this all too well and offers her best suggestion for keeping canines thoroughly engaged.

“I love the Everlasting Treat [Ball],” says Womack, who begins a 10-state U.S. tour on Aug. 8. “The treats they have last a really long time. They have to work at it to get it out of the ball so it occupies their mind for a while.”

Dubbed by its manufacturers as “indestructible,” the Everlasting Treat Ball ($19.99) is made of durable, puncture-resistant material and filled with a yummy snack – it’s the perfect distraction for dogs on the road, like the canines in Womack’s brood. “The little ones are easier to travel with,” she says. “But also, their routine gets upset easily.”

Tell us: What toys or treats keep your dog busy? Leave your suggestion below!