BARK and Bud Light Team Up to Create '7-Pack' of Beer that You Can Enjoy with Your Dog

The 7-pack includes a plush crinkly bottle of "Bark Light" or "Barkweiser" for your dog to enjoy while you drink.

Bark Light
Photo: courtesy Bark

BARK and Bud Light have brewed up something special.

Numerous companies have created pet-friendly beers, but this creation is something a bit different. Instead of creating a beer-like drink for dogs, Anheuser-Busch and the dog toy experts from BARK joined forces to create an ale that dogs can really play with.

Called the "7-pack," this creation looks similar to a normal Bud Light or Budweiser 6-pack, except it includes an extra bottle spot, has the word "Bark" where "Bud" should be, and includes a few other modifications sharp-eyed beer drinkers should be able to spot. The extra spot in the pack isn't for another normal bottle of beer, but for a plush, crinkly dog toy bottle of "Bark Light" or "Barkweiser."

So now, when you crack open a cold one with your friends, there is a bottle for your dog to safely break into as well. Dog-owning beer drinkers can grab a 7-pack to enjoy with their furry friends at The 7-pack – a specially-branded container with the extra space and bottle toy, but no actual beer – is available for $20.00.

Pet parents can also buy just a "bottle" of either dog toy on as well. Each bottle comes in two sizes, so dogs of all shapes and ages can enjoy this beer safely. All products are only available for a limited time.

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