The insightful animal post has been shared over 3,700 times on Facebook

By Kelli Bender
June 05, 2017 04:06 PM
Credit: Source: Bangor Maine Police Department/Facebook

There’s always so much going on in the world, it can be hard to take it all in.

So on Friday, instead of casting its eyes on one of the difficult dilemmas crippling the world, the Bangor Maine Police Department decided to focus on a hyper local issue.

A game of real-life cat and mouse, conducted in the home of officer Sergeant Wade Betters, is now the subject of a police department Facebook post that has been shared over 3,700 times.

The post begins with the retelling of Betters’ early morning, which started when he was awoken by banging noises created by his pet feline Lulu.

“Lulu, the family cat had cornered an intruder but could not seem to close the deal. When Betters lumbered into the living room he observed a standoff between cat and mouse. An epic battle of feline and rodent, both with strong wills, but Lulu looked to have a few more rounds in her,” reads the Facebook story, going on to describe the mouse as “sturdy in spirit” and “no quitter.”

The post says that the officer, who assumed that Lulu would sniff out the mouse eventually, went back to bed for a much needed hour of sleep before starting his day. After he awoke and left for work, Betters soon discovered the outcome he predicted was wrong. The mouse was stronger and bolder than he could ever imagine.

“Better’s lovely bride of many years was outside the house a little later in the morning after the sergeant went to work. She walked by the bedroom window only to see that the battle was not over. The genuine MFM (Maine Field Mouse) had been able to exit the dwelling, but wanted to let Lulu know that the game was not over,” continues the popular post.

Credit: Source: Bangor Maine Police Department/Facebook

Along with this story, the police department included several photos of the subjects, to prove just how daring this MFM turned out to be. In the shots, you can see the mouse attached to the screen staring Lulu, who is on the other side, in the eye, inviting her to do her worst; knowing he is brave enough and that the screen is strong enough to hold on.

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To close out the piece of local news, the Bangor Maine Police Department left its Facebook followers with a small piece of advice.

“In the difficult times we live in, my hope is that we all can find the inner fortitude of this small, yet mighty, Maine Field Mouse,” the post reads. “Never quit, look your opponent in the eye, and cross your fingers that if the screen doesn’t hold, you still have the energy to run like the wind.”