And he’s a very grumpy dad at that

By Alex Heigl
March 18, 2016 07:24 PM


Ritchie is a semi-grumpy old cat living in Rangsit, Bangkok. He was the first addition to Pusanisa Disapirom’s family, who later added a chihuahua puppy to the mix. And another. And another, until they were up to  seven.

Disapirom eventually introduced the groups to each other and discovered that the dogs quickly fell in line under Ritchie’s leadership, which quickly gave rise to her amazing Instagram account and pictures like this one.


“They all live together. Ritchie now takes care of the dogs. He’s the leader now,” Pusanisa told Coconuts Bangkok.

“At bedtime, if the dogs are loud, Ritchie will let out a loud meow like he’s telling them to shut up,” she adds. “And they all run to the bed to sleep. They all sleep in the same bed, in an air-conditioned room.”


“The only fight they have is when Ritchie sleeps and the dogs like to mess with him. He might be annoyed, but that’s it.”


“We’ve created such a huge bond. I raised them since they were young. Even though they cannot speak, they try their best to show their love to me. When I come home, they’re always excited and happy. They make me want to come home.”

Ritchie’s seemingly permanent scowl might cause us to question that statement, but they are a really cute family nonetheless. Mazel tov!