Ace the dog went for obedience training and participated as a groomsman in Baltimore last month

By Ami Jamieson
July 13, 2016 08:17 PM
Source: Jeremy Zuttah/Instagram

Baltimore Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah really wanted his dog included in his “I Dos.”

So when he and his wife-to-be Heran Haile considered marrying at city hall, arrived there with Ace their pit bull, and the dog wasn’t allowed in, reports, they knew immediately they needed a better plan.

“He’s awesome,” Haile said of Ace. “I just could not imagine getting married without him. He’s with us every day everywhere we go. I thought everyone was crazy about their dog like I am.”

Ace went for some extra obedience training, the website said, then walked down the aisle with Jeremy’s brother when the couple wed in a stunning ceremony at a transformed gym in Baltimore last month.

See Ace, who was wearing a tux, do an aww-some job walking down the aisle in the video below.

“He really added a whimsical element to the stunning wedding of Heran,” said Ready Luck photography, who shot photos and shared them on Instagram this week.

Clearly, Ace’s presence made the night even more perfect.

“What a weekend! Thanks to everyone that was able to be part of such an special night,” Zuttah wrote on Instagram.