Steve Biro captured the stunning, symmetrical shot of the eagle while visiting the Canadian Raptor Conservancy

By Kelli Bender
May 28, 2019 02:55 PM
Credit: Steve Biro

An amateur wildlife photographer is enjoying an A-list moment of fame thanks to a brush with Bruce the bald eagle.

According to BBC, Steve Biro was visiting the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario, when he caught the eye of one of the sanctuary’s most famous residents.

“He was actually trying to brush me away from where I was perched,” the photographer said of Bruce’s reaction to his photo shoot.

The eagle flew low over a small pond, right at Biro, once he locked eyes with the man with the camera.

This dive allowed Biro to capture some stunning shots of the bird staring directly at the camera as the animal swooped over the reflective surface of the water.

Out of the many fantastic shots Biro got from this moment, one photo stood out to him from the rest.

“So lucky to capture a symmetrical reflection of this beautiful Bald Eagle coming straight at me!” Biro captioned the shot on Instagram.

“He’s squared up perfectly, both wings are touching the water,” the photographer told BBC about the same photo. “That was the one that struck me as as little more special than the others. But I still didn’t even know how it would resonate with people.”

Turns out others saw the photo the same way. After Biro posted the symmetrical shot on his Instagram and to Facebook photography groups, it began to go viral, ending up on the front page of Reddit.

It is a special moment for the man who started taking photos 10 years ago, and continues to enjoy the hobby because it makes him feel like a child seeing the world anew again.

Along with getting a well-deserved 15 minutes of fame from the Internet, Biro also received a real-life encounter he will never forget.

“The Eagle was literally flying inches over my head where I was sitting, it was an amazing experience!” Biro posted on Facebook along with a video of the jaw-dropping encounter.