Bai Yun's New Cub Spotted on PandaCam

The San Diego Zoo's newest giant panda makes its digital debut while nesting with Mom

Looks like Bai Yun’s panda cub is ready for its close up!

Born on July 29, the newborn cub is holed up with its mother in a den at the San Diego Zoo during their initial four-to-five-month bonding period. But members of the giant panda team received their first look at the animal on Monday via PandaCam, when Bai Yun briefly left her baby to fetch water.

Zooming in on the infant, the team, which consists of zookeepers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists, was able to get a closer look at the hairless cub, who will develop the trademark black-and-white markings of a panda in the next few weeks and can be examined to determine its sex in two months.

“What we saw was very encouraging,” said Suzanne Hall, senior research technician for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. “The cub was wiggling all over the floor, indicating good strength and energy. And the cub had a nice, round belly, indicating that Bai Yun is providing plenty of milk.”

Until the duo makes its public debut, animal watchers, like the panda team itself, can check up on Bai Yun and her cub via the zoo’s live PandaCam.

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