Bacon the Dog Has the Most Expressive Face on All of Instagram

Bacon and his dramatic looks have been compared to Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy, Mark Hamill and more


Bacon has a flair for the dramatic — just look at his face!

The Pekingese/dachshund/Chihuahua/Shih-tzu mix lives in Tampa, Florida, with his owner Meg, who had a hard time believing this expressive creature was even real.

“We went to go do an in-person meeting with the rescue, Guardian Angel Dog Rescue, and fell in love as he waddled down the driveway,” Meg tells PEOPLE about when she and her boyfriend first met Bacon. “Bacon was found living on the streets by animal control, and Guardian Angel saved him from euthanasia. He was actually adopted out twice, and returned, before we got our hands on him. Third time was the charm.”


Bacon, who was given his “too good” name by animal control, pulls all his faces naturally, wearing his emotions on his furry sleeve. And while it may be hard to accept, the 4-year-old dog was actually more dramatic not that long ago.

After life on the street, and two failed adoptions, Bacon had some behavioral issues at first which caused him to be overwhelmed by a lot of things. With help from a trainer, Meg was able to bring Bacon a little more peace of mind.


“We worked with Sam Ivy Dog Training out of Tampa and it was literally night and day. As our dog trainer said, you don’t like everyone you meet, so why should your dog (which I can relate to on a serious level). Now he listens and can perform all the basic commands plus dancing, high-fiving, shaking and (my personal favorite) sitting like a meerkat. As we worked on his training, his real personality was unleashed. He is a goofy, treat-loving dog who loves to snuggle and go on walks,” Meg says.

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While his owner assures that Bacon still has some “sass,” most of it is now healthily expressed through the dog’s extreme facial expressions, which Meg knew would be perfect for an Instagram account (he has nearly 20,000 followers!).


“People love to say that he looks like different celebrities. My personal favorite comparisons are: Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy, Mark Hamill and Peter Dinklage,” Meg shares. “I would say the best part is how much he makes people laugh. To think a little abandoned meanie like him has made so many people smile is amazing.”


The crazy, grumpy, confused faces Bacon comes up with seem to be his followers’ faves, but for Meg, it’s all about Bacon’s happy face.

“I love when his ears are all the way forward and he has a huge smile.”

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