While Lowe’s searching for love, boxer Lola and Labrador Ellie will always hold a special place in his heart

By People Staff
January 14, 2013 09:00 PM

For any of the 25 women looking to win over this season’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, here’s a tip straight from the source: “The girl I’m dating must be into my dogs,” he tells PEOPLE.

The proud pet parent to two pooches, a boxer named Lola and a chocolate Labrador named Ellie, Lowe says, “For so long it’s just been me and my two dogs, and I’m certainly not going to replace them with any woman.”

Having had both animals for the past six years, the hunk has developed a special bond with the duo – though he admits his quest for love has forced him to make some changes.

“For many years, my dogs would sleep in the bed with me,” he says. “I’m a big guy and I’ve got two good-sized dogs, so it’s a full bed. Then I just realized one day, ‘Alright, if I get married and a woman’s going to join me in the bed, there’s not going to be enough room.’ I had to break the dogs of the habit of sleeping in the bed.”

Luckily for Lowe, the pair have taken to their new accommodations easily.

“They’re very intelligent dogs; they pick up on things really quickly,” he says. “They learn pretty fast.”

To hear more from Sean Lowe – including how his dogs help him navigate the dating world – check out the video above.