Each of the puppies found on the trip went home with a new doting dad

By Kelli Bender
Updated October 28, 2016 12:42 PM
Trevor Jennings

Finding a cache of adorable pups days before you tie the knot has to be one of the best wedding omens around.

And that’s exactly what happened for Mitchel Craddock of Vicksburg, Michigan, during his recent bachelor party.

According to MLive, Craddock’s best man arranged a 5-day four-wheeling get away for the guys in Tennessee. Less than 24 hours into the trip, the men were visited by an adorable party crasher.

While cooking bacon in the cabin with the windows open, a curious dog sauntered up to the open door for a closer sniff. The canine was dirty, flea-bitten and obviously hungry. The guys offered the pup water and food scraps, which she happily accepted, but the dog refused to come inside.

“She was very friendly but very skittish— I thought maybe she had been booted out of a house before,” Craddock told MLive.

Logan Wolf

Thinking that the dog belonged to someone at a nearby cabin, the guys let her be. But when they returned from their 4-hour ride in the woods, they found the dog still patiently waiting by the door.

Worried about the dog’s well being, the party continued to feed the pup, who they eventually named Little Orphan Annie. After three days of caring for the dog, the men noticed she was starting to produce milk, which means she recently gave birth to puppies. Soon they realized that Little Orphan Annie was also acting extremely protective of a certain patch of road.

“We started connecting the dots,” Craddock said.

Trevor Jennings

Those dots led the men to a deep hole which was filled with Annie’s seven puppies. While Annie was weak from her mom duties, all of her 5-week-old puppies appeared to be robust and healthy.

“We were proud of her,” he said. “She gave everything she had to those puppies.”

Trevor Jennings

In return for Annie’s hard work, the bachelor party took on the mothering duties for the next few days, bringing the pups into their cabin, cleaning up the animals and providing them with lots of snuggles and snacks.

By the time the getaway was over, everyone was smitten. Each celebrant walked away with a new puppy he adored, and each baby dog left the woods with a loving forever home. Even Annie left Tennessee an orphan no more. Craddock found a home for the mother dog with his parents.

Trevor Jennings

Since arriving back in Michigan, all of the dogs have visited the vet and are on their way to being fully healthy pups.

Best. Bachelor. Party. EVER.