The new Disney + show, Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom, takes viewers up close to one of the Animal Kingdom's newest arrivals

By Kelli Bender
October 08, 2020 02:16 PM

In the past five years, Disney's Animal Kingdom has welcomed over 1,000 animal babies. Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom, the new Disney+ show narrated by Josh Gad, takes viewers behind the scenes of the park to meet a few of these amazing arrivals up close.

PEOPLE has a sneak peek of Friday's new episode of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom, which features the birth of a Hartmann’s mountain zebra baby. In the clip, the calf surprises keepers by arriving overnight and is already up on his hooves when the cameras appear. According to his caretaker, the 65-pound zebra is happy and healthy, and perhaps a bit big-headed. Mom Prima is also doing well following the birth.

This yet-to-be-named new arrival is just one of the adorable stars of Friday's new episode, which also includes a rescued manatee that needs a crane to go to the doctor, and a newly coupled babirusa pig pair.

Credit: Charlene Guilliams/Disney

Even when the cameras aren't rolling, Disney's Animal Kingdom is still gaining new residents. The park recently welcomed a female baby giraffe behind the scenes. Like the zebra calf, the "strong and feisty" baby giraffe was born healthy and was on her hooves a short time after birth.

To learn more about the zebra baby featured above and the thousands of other animals that call Disney's Animal Kingdom home, tune in to a new episode of  Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom every Friday on Disney+.