October 27, 2017 02:22 PM

Red pandas can be confusing. They look like cats, are named for a bear and are related to raccoons. But one thing is for certain: They are mind-bendingly adorable.

On Thursday, the world got a little cuter. Red panda twins Yeren and Ping Jing made their public debut at the Philadelphia Zoo. The male cubs were born at the zoo in June and have been kept behind the scenes until now.

They are the second successful red panda birth at the Philadelphia Zoo. The first was the arrival of Benjamin and Betsey in June 2015.

Yeren and Ping Jing and their parents, Spark and Khumbie, are all doing well and are in good health.

Out in front of their adoring public for the first time, the twins did what they always do: played, frolicked and looked as precious as possible.

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