The rare creature will grow to just about 3 feet tall

Welcome to the world, little guy! The Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands announced the arrival of a female baby pygmy hippo on its Web site yesterday. The rare infant – reportedly named Flory – is teeny-tiny, and will only grow to about 3 feet tall.

While many people may confuse pygmy hippos for baby common hippos, the two animals are quite different. Pygmy hippos are known to be quite shy and solitary, interacting with their mothers when young, then growing to fend for themselves, only socializing when it’s time to mate. The plant eaters are indigenous to West Africa, but their numbers are declining – less than 3,000 of the animals remain in the world, according to the Daily Mail. So Flory’s birth gives hope to the Zoo, and the species. And it gives us a cute new baby to fawn over!