WATCH: Orphan Baby Kangaroo Needs a Ride, and Any Pouch Will Do

Faux or real — this little joey isn't too picky

Is this the cutest (and most persistent!) young hitchhiker or what?

Meet Terri. Much like the word for a baby kangaroo — that would be a “Joey” — Terri’s name is unisex. But don’t let that confuse you, because this little lady is definitely going places … as soon as she can get a ride from some nice fella who happens to come along with a pouch. No, it’s not the custom-made pouch she was born in (Terri is an orphan), but it looks super cozy and appears to get the job done.

You can learn more about Terri by visiting The Kangaroo Sanctuary on Facebook. The sanctuary is also the home of Brolga, a.k.a. “Kangaroo Dundee,” who stars in the BBC program of the same name. The tough but compassionate kangaroo expert rescues the orphaned animals and raises a mob of approximately 30 ‘roos near Alice Springs, Australia.

Hey Brolga: if Terri needs another lift (to school, or maybe the mall or nail salon?), just let us know. She can ride shotgun in our pouch any time.

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