WATCH: Bouncy Baby Kangaroo Leaves Mom's Pouch and Tries Hopping for the First Time

The kangaroo joey in this video is a natural at hopping, quickly jumping on his own seconds after leaving his mom's pouch

Jumping Jack is here to show off how he got his name.

The Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, Australia, recently shared a video via Storyful of their eastern grey kangaroo joey Jack leaving his mother's pouch to hop on his own for the first time.

In the clip, viewers see Jack curled up, sitting inside his mom's pouch, with his head and feet poking out. The baby kangaroo looks comfy until he decides to rise up and slip out of the pouch to the ground.

The moment Jack's feet hit the grass for the first time, the little kangaroo seems to know what to do naturally. Seconds after stumbling out of the pouch, Jack stretches his legs and starts hopping literal circles around his mom.

"It's always so exciting they take the great, big leap from mum's pouch," Tim Faulkner, the director of the Australian park, said in a statement, adding that Jumping Jack is "living up" to his name.

Kangaroo takes first hops

In Australian Reptile Park's footage of Jack's first foray into walking on his own, the joey not only jumps but also explores his surroundings, shakes his head, and paws at his mom. At the end of the video, after spending some time outside the pouch, Jack returns to mom to be tucked back in.

Even though Jack is a great jumper, it looks like he still appreciates a free ride.

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