July 22, 2015 03:00 PM

These three baby hedgehogs have seriously thick (and pointy!) skin.

After being abandoned by their mother immediately after birth, the resilient hoglets were left alone for a full 24 hours before being found and brought to Wildlife Rescue Centre for treatment. Despite a troubling start, the three hedgehog siblings are getting back on their feet – and letting out the world’s most adorable sneezes, which are basically gentle squeaks.

In a YouTube video posted by Wildlife Aid, we see the babies rolling around, stretching, scratching, getting fed and sneezing. Our only regret is that this video isn’t 48 hours long, so we’ll have to settle for watching it on repeat until we get fired from our jobs for not getting anything done.

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The Wildlife Aid Foundation, an animal sanctuary located in Surrey, England, said that the three siblings will join their “ever growing hedgehog population,” the four greatest words in the English language.

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