January 03, 2015 06:20 PM

It’s the mother-baby bond in action.

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo are in awe of the connection between mom Jessica and her new baby boy, a still-unnamed infant who was born Dec. 26 and is a joyous addition to the highly endangered western lowland gorilla population.

“Mom has been doing really great,” Nerissa Foland, senior keeper at the zoo, said in a statement. “She’s holding her baby and pats the baby all the time.”

It’s no wonder, as Jessica is already a veteran mom – who gave birth without human help.

“We had just entered the building at 6:15 a.m. when we discovered 34-year-old gorilla Jessica cradling a newborn who looked to be less than an hour old. She was gingerly cleaning her baby boy and clutching him close to her chest,” Foland and colleague April Bove-Rothland wrote on the zoo’s blog.

“This is the sixth baby for Jessica and, as expected, she is proving to be a great mother once again!” they added.

True to form, Jessica is holding tight to the newborn, not even allowing proud papa Paul, a 25-year-old silverback, any snuggle time yet – although he does come close to inspect his offspring. (Lucky zoo visitors can also glimpse the newborn, as the troop enjoys being near the glass at the main viewing area.)

“At this point, the baby is too new and fragile for a mom as protective as Jessica,” they said.

With a baby this cute, can you blame her?

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