March 24, 2016 03:59 PM

Bristol Zoo’s baby gorilla, which was born by emergency C-section six weeks ago, is doing so well she can’t stop giggling.

Double her birth weight, the tiny Western lowland gorilla has also started teething. Her birth was one of the rare occurrences in which a gorilla has been delivered by Caesarian — there have only been a handful of these births before her’s. 

Bristol Zoo

She is now being cared for by a small team of experienced gorilla keepers.

“She is doing really well; she is getting noticeably stronger week by week, which is great,” Lynsey Bugg, Bristol Zoo’s curator of mammals, said in a statement from the English zoo. “Her arm muscles are becoming more defined, her grip is stronger and she is increasingly alert and attentive. She might be small but she is already showing an assertive side to her personality and grunts and coughs at us if we don’t give her her milk quickly enough!”

The most exciting milestone? The gorilla began giggling for the first time at five weeks old — but that doesn’t mean that caring for her is all laughs. Baby gorillas, much like baby humans, are hard work. 

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“She is meeting all the targets for her age, continues to feed well and has milk every two hours both night and day, which is pretty exhausting, it’s very much like taking care of a human newborn baby,” Bugg said. 

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